Sunday, 5 October 2008

Fairthorpe Electron Minor

This is our pride and joy. We owned the car in the 70s and 80s and my husband competed in hillclimbs and sprints in the North West of England. Following a successful period it was time to get something faster and we bought a Mallock U2 single seater clubman car.

The car in competition on the Isle of Man in the 70s

After months of badgering we eventually sold the car to a young student friend and thought that was the last we would see of her.

In 2004, having spent quite a number of years doing our own thing, my husband was at a loose end and wanted new project. After a lot of searching discovered the car was still in the ownership of our friend and following a bit of negotiation bought her back.

It had spent over 15 years in an engineering workshop in Yorkshire and was to say the least in a bit of a mess.

Home again and looking very poorly

We now spent the next two years rebuilding her from the chassis upwards. Removed the body, upgraded the chassis frame, rewired, strip down and cleaned suspension, replaced body, rubbed down, undercoated and professionally repainted.

Now she was ready for the road again and decided to take her to a classic car rally where the car was given an award for the best car in show - my husband was absolutely made up and it was a fitting accolade for all our hard work. We are still entering classic car shows and she is still admired by all.

If you want any further information about Fairthorpes visit the Fairthorpe Owners Club on

On the road again

Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Cavalier as a breed and it's supposed standard

What has happened to the Cavalier. It has become a toy dog in every respect of the word. We no longer see the breed as it used to be. It is now a small thin shadow of it's original self. The Kennel Club's standard was a female should be 20lbs and the dog round about 25lbs. We are now seeing both dogs and bitches in the region of 15lbs with small body frame, which leads to difficulties in whelping. Most litters are now born by ceasarian section. It is time for the breeders to stop pandering to fashion and bring the cavailier back to its original standard. Know that a good number are trying to breed out the inherent problems such as heart problems and the predilicition to seizures. It is time a stand was made against the maverick breeders just in it for the money. We must never buy from an unknown source, always see the mother, and father if possible, and have the puppy checked out by a vet before purchase.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

Human Age

I would recommend this site to anyone as you slowly get drawn in to the role playing. The character soon becomes viable and you end up waiting to see what happens next. Go to the site and see for yourselves